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  • Fælledby

    The new neighbourhood merges traditional Danish urban and rural typologies to create a hybrid neighborhood that balances city and nature.

    • Location:
      • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Year:
      • 2019 -
    • Client:
      • Copenhagen Municipality
    • Area:
      • 181000m² (land)
      • 219000m² (building)
    • Status
    • Services:
    • Team:
      • Engineers: MOE
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  • Just beyond the Copenhagen city center, Vejlands Kvarteret transforms the former junkyard site into a model for sustainable living, balancing human priorities with a strong commitment to the natural surroundings. Fælledby explores a living model with nature at its core, simultaneously crafting a new neighborhood to accommodate the demands of the growing city and increasing local biodiversity. The neighborhood merges traditional Danish urban and rural typologies to create a hybrid that balances the city and its natural surroundings. Fælledby will develop in phases, growing outward from three distinct "cores" that together frame the neighborhood at large. This diffuse approach will maximize access to nature for residents and will allow the landscape to be organically integrated in the site.

  • A World Changing Idea

    Fælledby was chosen is the winner in the Urban Design category of Fast Company's 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards.

  • Building with Wood

    The Vejlands community will be entirely timber construction, with individual buildings featuring birdhouses and animal habitats integrated within the building facades.

    Compared to alternative materials such as steel or concrete, timber captures and stores CO2 during its growth - as a building material, it active removes CO2 from the environment as it is produced. Fælledby is the latest in a resurgence of timber construction throughout Scandinavia, as the region sets a global example for sustainable contemporary architecture.