• SDU Campus Kolding, Interiors and Wayfinding

      With a new building for the University of Southern Denmark, we found an opportunity to create a collaborative learning space down to the finest details. From custom sofas to a proprietary typeface, the new building stands as a model for future academic spaces.

      • Location:
        • Kolding, Denmark
      • Client:
        • The Danish University and Property Agency
      • Area
        • 13,700 m² (147,500 ft²)
      • Status
      • Services:
      • Photos:
        • Peter Nørby
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    • Attention to detail means matching fonts to furniture. Our design for the University of Southern Denmark’s Design and Communications includes macro and micro scale – Not only designing the building itself, but the furnishings, typography and wayfinding system within. In the central five-story atrium, clusters of students study in custom-designed booths, created from feedback from university students and faculty alike. Students pass between classes by way of our custom-designed wayfinding system, incorporating iconography and an original typeface intended to reflect the school’s physical form and a playful sense of graphic creativity. The building carries its identity through the curves of its custom typeface to the clean lines of its central atrium, establishing a comprehensive aesthetic through gestures both grand and small.

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