• Pandora HQ Interiors and Graphic Identity

      A comfortable atmosphere steeped in Pandora’s brand identity characterizes the company’s new headquarters as a personal, elegant organization. By adding a touch of domestic comfort, employees should feel at home; part of the Pandora family.

      • Location:
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
      • Client:
        • Pandora
      • Area:
        • 9,000 m2
      • Status:
      • Photos:
        • Peter Nørby
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    • At Pandora’s new headquarters in Copenhagen, the soft and feminine brand is integrated into the interior design of all floors, without compromising a pleasant and professional work environment. The quiet elegance of Pandora’s jewellery translates into a timeless and work-friendly design, centered on the interpretation of a winding ribbon as the recurring design feature.

    • “The Ribbon” appears in different versions and materials, such as partitions, glass markings and decorations in special branded areas, and the design feature thereby ties the office together across departments and functions. The design concept is supported by an ambitious custom furniture set, which prioritizes strong workmanship, soft shapes and high-quality materials.

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