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  • Hotel Alsik – Interior Graphic Design

    Like the smallest notes of a grand composition, the interior details within Hotel Alsik give a thorough sense of polish and character to a striking architectural gesture.

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  • Through wayfinding design, custom signage, purpose-made pictograms and a tailor-made typeface, Henning Larsen’s graphic design team has given Hotel Alsik an exclusive visual identity sharpened down to the letter. As interior wood accents and smoky aluminum panels reference the building’s distinctive façade, Hotel Alsik balances large-scale architecture with an attention to refined detail at eye-level. From the wayfinding map in the lobby to the patterned frosted glass in the wellness center, these interior details give Hotel Alsik a stronger brand identity, while gently creating visual distinctions between the hotel and wellness facilities. For guests of Hotel Alsik, Henning Larsen’s interior detailing create a striking sense of detail that turns a visit into an experience.