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    • Louis Poulsen Light+Building

      The life-size trade fair stand explores our experience of light in the city and how it affects our wellbeing. Louis Poulsen brings lighting and comfort to the modern urban experience at the 2018 Light + Building Fair.

      • Location:
        • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Area:
        • 260 m2
      • Year:
        • 2018
      • Status:
      • Client:
        • Louis Poulsen
      • Photos:
        • Constantin Meyer
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  • “Humans, Light, Rhythm” brings a new urban space to life at the 2018 Light + Building Fair. The exhibit is a life-size model of a modern city highlighting how integrating indoor and outdoor light is essential to enhancing the urban experience.

    The design explores the role of light in diverse urban environments from city parks and streets to homes and workspaces. As one travels through the exhibit, the lighting changes as it would walking through the city. The exhibit offers a vision of an ideal urban space where intentional illumination enhances life, and makes people feel good.