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    • Room Dividers – “Is This Colour?” by KONTEMPO

      From a distance, Henning Larsen’s room dividers might appear to be large swatches of dyed denim hung up for inspection. Up close, the concept is clear: hanging glass panels with a layered vinyl pattern recalling the texture of tightly woven fabric.

      • Location
        • Copenhagen
      • Year
        • 2019
      • Status
        • Completed
      • Grafisk Design
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    • Our graphic design department developed the installation for the summer 2019 “Is This Colour?” exhibition, a collection curated by the KONTEMPO collective to explore the role of contemporary and future textile design. Henning Larsen’s work joined a broad range of artistic professionals in the explorative exhibition, which was juried by Stine Find Osther, Louise Campbell and Charlotte Jul. In keeping with Henning Larsen’s legacy as a master of daylight, the set of three dividers encourage a playful approach to light: The dual-layered vinyl graphics create different tints depending on the angle and strength of the light, casting a dynamic spectrum over the course of the day. Weaving textile art into architecture, Henning Larsen’s semi-transparent dividers create a colorful new perspective on spatial layout within a room, while maintaining an overall sense of unity in a given space.