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Browse through our research and insights. If you're looking for something specific, then dive into our fields of expertise: decarbonization, social sustainability, healthy buildings, cities and livability and digital technology.  

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    • Postindustrial Urbanism is Changing Cities— Let’s remember its Roots

    • How Has Social Interaction Changed During the Pandemic? We Measured It.

    • Debunking Myths About Timber Construction

    • Four Reasons to Build in Wood

    • To Create a Sustainable and Healthy Learning Environment, We’ve Tuned in to Straw Construction

    • Securing High-Quality Housing Through Cross-Disciplinary Design

    • To Improve Social Housing, Our Approach is Keeping the Old and Making it Better

    • How to Design a City Without Cars

    • How We Plan for Human-Scaled Mobility in Cities

    • Three Ideas, Three Scales: The Issues that Will Define Our Future

    • How to Combat Loneliness with Architecture

    • Right Brain, Left Brain: How Engineers Help Build Stronger Architecture

    • Designing for Social Interaction Means Emphasizing the Spaces In Between

    • Three Immediate Solutions for Street Pollution

    • How do You Design the City of the Future? Put People First

    • Three Paradigm Shifts that will Change the Profession of Architecture

    • Digital Platform Puts Urban Design in the Hands of the People

    • How our Building Materials Make or Break our Green Ideals

    • Video games and virtual reality can shape the future of architecture

    • When it comes to healthier building materials, how do we do better?

    • Exploring density and opportunity in tomorrow’s suburbs

    • How do we secure biodiversity?

    • Making Straw a Mainstream Building Material

    • Timber Frames a Bright Future for Sustainable Architecture

    • How Architects Can Give Each Year More Shorts Weather

    • The Connection Between Urban Trees and a Healthier Breeze

    • Lost in space..

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