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  • Humanizing the Urban Experience

    Urban designers are designing for 30 years in the future, meaning that our minds are currently in 2050, investigating the trends of human behavior and anticipating technological advancements that will impact our mobility decisions and the design of our cities.

    • Year
      • 2020-
    • Status
      • In Development
    • Partners
      • Rambøll Smart Mobility
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  • How can the future of mobility be used to fundamentally rethink the design of our cities as we navigate an ever-digitizing world marked by new choices in transportation, a shift towards e-powered mobility, and the impending AI industrial revolution?

    We already know that the shape and proportion of the urban realm is completely informed by mobility, from the invention of the wheel to the automobile, everything from a firetruck’s turning radius to bicycle highways have contributed to the urban tissues that construct our daily commutes.

    So how do we design cities that accommodate modes of mobility that are more responsive to the human experience rather than one dominated by gas fueled vehicles?

  • In collaboration with Rambøll Foundation and their Smart Mobility Department, architect and lead urban designer Sofia Lundeholm is leading a collaborative study to create the mobility networks and urban typologies of future human-centric cities to come. 

    In a process entailing extensive research, workshops, and interviews with experts in the field, the collaboration will culminate in an applied case study.

    • Mobility Networks of Tomorrow

      As urbanists and architects, the insights gained from this study can enhance the urban environment and society at large, as we take our findings and incorporate them into urban masterplans geared towards the impending mobility patterns on the horizon.

      The future impact of the Humanizing the Urban Experience Through New Mobility project encompasses the highlighted UN Sustainable Development Goals.