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  • Interiors, Graphics & Lighting Design

    We develop complete building identities which support the specific functionality and unique characteristics of the projects.

  • First-class design combines functionality and aesthetics. This applies to both overall building expression and details. We work innovatively with the building identity through tangible, strategic design solutions – from space planning to signage.

    Interior, graphic, and lighting design interweaves with architecture, enhancing the experience of the building as a whole. By incorporating workflows, indoor climate, and organizational culture into the design, we tailor the physical setting to support the organization’s values and needs.

    Our team of architects, industrial and graphic designers guides projects from the preliminary phases to production, execution, and follow-up. The team’s expertise ranges from integrated workplace and building design – where buildings are designed from the inside out – to strategic counseling, process management, and interior design, including fixtures and wayfinding.

  • Expertise

  • Interiors

    Interior design delves deeper than overall space planning and points to specific design solutions. Using colors, lighting, graphic design, materials, product design, and furnishings, we create a physical manifestation of the core narrative and values represented by the institution or brand.

  • Graphics

    We develop concepts and graphic designs for spaces and buildings, including signage, information and exhibition graphics, graphics for glass walls, stairways, corridors, etc. Our concepts relate to the architecture, design, and function of the building as well as to the history brought in by its users. The implementation of a graphic concept offers the opportunity to refine and strengthen the identity that you wish to unfold in a building.

  • Lighting

    All environments are visual environments, regardless of site, scale, or purpose. In both indoor and outdoor environments, lighting creates atmosphere, nourishes a sense of safety and wellbeing, stabilises circadian rhythms, and prolongs time for interaction. Successful lighting design combines aesthetics, science, and sustainability, and our approach is equally holistic. We design lighting projects all the way from concept to completion and work with our clients throughout the process.

  • User Involvement

    Based on a thorough building analysis and user involvement process, we offer preliminary, strategic counseling on size requirements, utilization of square meters, workflows, etc. This contributes to securing an interior and graphic design which build on the narrative and corporate identity of the organization and brand.

  • Space Planning

    Space planning is relevant for all types of buildings, including research, educational, and cultural buildings in addition to office spaces. By identifying and integrating user needs, patterns, and desired changes, we create state-of-the-art work environments based on the latest advancements in space planning.

  • Product Design

    We design fixtures and furnishings of all types and sizes for educational institutions, office environments, cultural venues, etc. – from reception desks to lamps and doorknobs. We provide this service for new buildings designed by Henning Larsen as well as for existing buildings designed by other architects.

  • Wayfinding