• Biophilic Design

    We are bringing nature into the built environment.

  • Biophilic design is about integrating natural elements into architecture and interiors in order to delay rainwater, lower temperatures, and increase physical and mental well-being. Our landscape architects and practitioners add sustainable and recreational dimensions to buildings through green facades, rooftop gardens, atriums, and terraces.

    • Islands Brygge

      The local neighborhood square at Islands Brygge will be a place to gather, to be active, to play and to relax in sun and shelter - all year around.

      Here, the identity of the waterfront and the natural resort are united: the planting and vigor of Amager Fælled can be experienced at the urban square through a range of different trees and plants, all of them selected based on their abilities to withstand the microclimatic conditions of the site; strong winds, salt, and drought. Closest to the waterfront, plants from salt marsh are placed. These types of plants thrive even with occasional flooding. Plants are placed strategically to improve the microclimate and create spaces of a human scale. The concrete foundation is divided into different levels, separating pedestrians and cyclists - and encouraging outdoor activities. The buildings have been designed with big, lush terraces with plants that can survive the harsh environment by the waterfront.

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