• Plant Composition

    A connection to nature improves overall wellbeing. Plants are an integral part of our design solutions.

  • Our experts select plant varieties based on their recreational value and practical qualities such as the ability to attract birds and insects, rinse polluted soil or reduce particle pollution. Resilience, biodiversity, and minimal maintenance are key parameters when we select vegetation for specific projects.

    • A Living Rooftop

      The biotope in Lille is a local forest biotope on the roof of a tall building. Plants, gravel, soil and stone types have been carefully selected in collaboration with local biologists to create the best conditions for animal and insect life.

      Parts of the roof are not accessible to people, and nature will develop on its own without interference. Other parts of the roof have room for stays and narrow stems that allow people working in the building to come close to nature when they need a mental break, have lunch or have outdoor meetings. The proximity to nature has a proven stress-reducing effect, so it makes sense to establish natural features in connection with jobs and housing. The roof thus has value for both humans, wildlife and the environment.

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