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  • Landscape

    We bring nature closer to people.

  • We combine artistic playfulness with water and biophilic design solutions to create unique experiences, using nature as a resource. We design natural and urban spaces in a resilient context, to increase biodiversity and create experiences with nature. Weaving nature into the fabric of our communities creates lasting socio-economic and environmental impacts. These are the places where people enjoy living, working, and spending their time.

    To align with the cycles intrinsic to the natural world, our design approach centers on the physical and cultural context of a site. To improve microclimatic conditions and biodiversity we use performative design tools and nature as a resource, always measuring our impact on the environment.  We address natural regeneration and restoration, and nature in cities and in buildings, transforming the existing landscape and context. Biophilic design, ecosystems, water management, and rewilding all play a part. We see landscape design as both the precursor for the wellbeing of people, and the protection of the physical environment.


  • Expertise

  • Biophilic Design

    Biophilic design is about integrating natural elements into architecture and interiors in order to delay rainwater, lower temperatures, and increase physical and mental well-being. Our landscape architects and practitioners add sustainable and recreational dimensions to buildings through green facades, rooftop gardens, atriums, and terraces.

  • Plant Composition

    Our experts select plant varieties based on their recreational value and practical qualities such as the ability to attract birds and insects, rinse polluted soil or reduce particle pollution. Resilience, biodiversity, and minimal maintenance are key parameters when we select vegetation for specific projects.

  • Climate Adaptation

    We design solutions for a changing climate; rising sea levels, higher temperatures, and more frequent cloudbursts. Our specialists are experienced in integrating erosion control and the reduction of urban heat islands into new or existing urban designs.

  • Rainwater Management

    We are specialized in Water Sensitive Urban Development (WSUD); a tool used in landscape planning and engineering to integrate the urban water cycle – rainwater, groundwater, wastewater, and water supply – in the actual design. The aim is to minimize adverse environmental impacts while increasing the aesthetic and recreational values. Instead of expanding the city’s existing sewage system, we integrate rainwater management into the urban landscape. Integrated into the urban landscape, our rainwater solutions promote biodiversity, save water, and create beautiful recreational areas.