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    • Urbanism

      Pioneering regenerative urbanism.

    • As our cities and populations grow in tandem with climate change, designing for healthy living and resilience at an urban scale is more crucial than ever. More than a set of design outcomes, urbanism is a process which addresses social, environmental and economic issues to create a lasting positive impact for all. Our designs are driven by knowledge, evidence and data, systems-thinking, and relationship-building.

      We work collaboratively to create thriving communities for all living systems and solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as climate action failure, extreme weather, biodiversity loss, water crisis, social cohesion erosion, and livelihood crises.

      Our collective creativity and interdisciplinary design expertise power how we rethink public spaces, integrated infrastructure, local food production, water management and resilience, mobility systems, and other elements of urban life to deliver both resilient and life-centric urban environments. Evidence and data inform our design decisions, creating visionary and compelling urban transformation strategies. With a strong purpose and narrative, we mobilize and engage relevant stakeholders and drive authentic community inclusion.

      We offer strategic advice, integrated planning services, process design, community engagement, stakeholder facilitation, branding and identity making, experience design, sustainability and resilience strategies, visioning and concept design, and programming scenarios.

      Our pioneering approach is fostered by collaboration with our industry-leading R&D incubator environment and leading global private, public, and academic institutions.

      We work within the key urban typologies of:

      Neighborhoods & districts
      Infrastructure & transit hubs
      Innovation districts & campuses
      Citywide masterplans 

      With empathy and curiosity, and through just transitions we embrace complex challenges to create inspiring places and leave a lasting positive impact. We design for tomorrow by embracing the unknown and preparing communities for a more desirable future within our planetary boundaries.