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New publication: Plant a Seed - designing with wood and bio-based materials

Concrete, steel, and aluminum are responsible for 23% of the world’s total CO2 emissions. While a portion of those emissions come from other industries, the biggest sinner is without comparison construction. In this new publication, ‘Plant a Seed’, we present an alternative, sharing our insights on designing with wood and biobased materials for significantly reduced carbon.

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The global building stock is expected to grow by one-third during the next 10 years. That’s a lot of construction, which presents an even bigger opportunity to make a change.

With ‘Plant a Seed’ we aim to inspire the construction industry to explore the world of massive timber and all its potential. The publication includes a collection of projects, showcasing the versatility of wood, a deep dive into the myths that exist around wood, and finally, we offer an entire catalog of different types of wood and how to design with them.

As architects, urbanists, and landscape architects we hold ourselves accountable to fight and mitigate our industry’s effects on the climate, but we cannot do it alone. A single tree doesn’t make a forest.

Plant a seed with us. Download the publication.

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