• Frederiksberg High School

    A model for creative and communal spaces, the Frederiksberg High School’s open atriums encourage connections between students, whether for schoolwork or socialization. A broad glass façade opening to the Frederiksberg streets establishes a sense of transparency, connecting the school with the community around it.

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  • When Frederiksberg High School relocated in 2004, it needed a space to match its reputation as one of greater Copenhagen’s top high schools. Completed as part of a city development plan centered around the Frederiksberg Metro station, the new space is as much a local asset as it is a purpose-built environment for learning and collaboration.

    A street-facing glass façade encourages a sense of connectedness to the community, and illuminates a large atrium that serves as a hub of activity for the school, with space for socializing and cooperative work. Frederiksberg High School is a prime example of Henning Larsen’s ability to use light and open interiors to define comfortable, communal spaces.