A relationship between people and space

A bridge between materiality and experience, architecture is a language articulated through tactile form and spatial configuration. It’s a poetic concept, no doubt, but one that acknowledges the significance of spaces and delivers a simple truth: architecture speaks.

We live our lives within built environments – materials and forms with which we directly or indirectly interact, just as we directly and indirectly interact with each other. A responsibility and an opportunity, architecture has an imaginative capacity to shape these interactions while responding to emplaced complexities and nuance. This in the hope of offering a setting for layers of cultures, meanings, memories, and relationships to unfold.

At the same time however, architecture is incredibly pragmatic. Heights and widths, angles, details, material choices, not to mention environmental footprints, ecological implications, and more. These are all tangible and measurable aspects that make way for immensely influential, intangible qualities. A duality that plays out in every project. Unmistakable yet totally up for interpretation – architecture is lined with promise.

Architecture and spatial design are how we rethink and reimagine the world. It is through design that we express optimism; through form that we manifest our ambitions for the future.

With a portfolio of award winning architecture that spans a vast range of typologies, our expertise lie within all stages of realizing a project; from the early stages of concept development through to completion.

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Portrait of Louis Becker

Louis Becker

Global Design Principal
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Rasmus Riis Andersen

Global Division Director, Architecture

Decarbonize for net zero

Rethinking our carbon footprint

With a staggering 40% of global emissions currently associated with the construction industry, reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important.


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