Interior architecture

The elements that make the whole

The identity of place is lined with experiential qualities. Whether tangible materials and textures that activate the senses or intangible attributes and meanings, the elements we encounter and with which we interact facilitate journeys within our surroundings. It is with this notion – and responsibility – that we approach interiors and graphics. 

The way we see it, architecture is at its very best when these spatial encounters are lined with tactile and visual elements that speak a coherent language. The articulation of which can confirm and expand the functions and experiences of any space. It can also adapt and develop them, transforming identities and sense of place. Articulated mindfully, it is details that can promote comfort, accessibility, and intuitive orientation. It is the way in which these details come together that offers users a sense of belonging, intrigue, and possibility. 

Inextricably linked to the built form, interior architecture and graphic design are filled with intention. From ethnographic research and user engagement to space planning, fixtures, lighting, and signage – our processes cross disciplines to combine context and culture with artistic sensitivity, on any and every scale.

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Supporting qualities and functions or entirely transforming them with new life, individual elements come together to inform meaningful spatial journeys and experiences of place.

Interior architecture

Carefully crafting immersive environments that combine aesthetics and functionality, our interiors aim to encourage and stimulate. From seemingly intangible atmospheric qualities to bespoke furnishings and concrete spatial solutions, we create spaces that are tailored to the cultural values and needs of their organizations and users.

Graphic design

Developing holistic graphic concepts for spaces and buildings, our designs relate, refine, and strengthen the identity of place. Building upon and responding to architectural form, our approach to experiential graphic design is rooted in an understanding and appreciations of context, culture, and user needs.



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Portrait of Bodil Nordstrøm

Head of Design

Portrait of Angelika Donhauser

Head of Interior Design, Dipl.Ing. Innenarchitektin (FH), BYAK, BDIA

Portrait of Sam Sandvig Hosman

Lead Graphic Designer

Decarbonize for net zero

Rethinking our carbon footprint

With a staggering 40% of global emissions currently associated with the construction industry, reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important.


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