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Designing for people and nature

Designing with and for nature, directs our attention to both the ecological and cultural aspects of a shared habitat. This with the hope of strengthening our vital bond with the natural world, in every project we develop.

Collaborating across disciplines, we’ve merged technical knowledge of nature-based solutions with our critical eye on environmental impact and strong aesthetic language grounded in biophilic principles. From climate mitigation and water management to enhancing local biodiversity and well-being, we invite nature into the very fabric of our cities and communities; creating meaningful spaces while responding to the urgent challenges of our time. 

Allowing us to reimagine the dynamic in which human interventions have come at the cost of the natural world, landscape architecture is intertwined seamlessly within our processes; intimately involved at every stage of breathing a project into being. 

Our vision lies in facilitating a healthy relationship between people and nature. Understanding ecological and cultural contexts, as well as the role they play within wider ecosystems is crucial to this.

In 2022, the German-founded landscape firm Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl became a part of Henning Larsen, bringing with them decades of experience in designing with nature, particularly with integrating regenerative, circular water concepts into urban contexts. 

This knowledge strengthens our approach to landscape, architecture, and urban planning as three crucial facets of a single, holistic design strategy. Our landscapes contribute to a change in behavior towards the planet – the only home we have.

Globally, we offer expertise in landscape architecture, including ecology and biodiversity, nature-based climate adaptation, and water management, all while designing with biophilic principles to enhance well-being.

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Biodiversity and ecosystems

Aligning with natural cycles

Placing nature within the very fabric of our built environments, we design for and with nature to create lasting environmental and social impact.


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