Urban futures within our planetary boundaries

As our cities and populations continue to grow in tandem with climate change, designing for socially just and resilient urban systems is more crucial than ever. 

More than a set of design outcomes, urban design is a process that addresses social, environmental, and economic issues openly and willingly. It demands that we embrace the many layers that define the interconnectivity of place. From infinite lived experiences, cultural heritage, and urban flows to evolving materialities and infrastructure, urban design demands an almost impossible grasp of the many elements that make up the complexity of the whole. 

Working collaboratively across disciplines, we apply a systems-thinking and relationship-building approach that is supported by research. We design for and with tomorrow’s unknowns to reimagine our cities as resilient and life-centric urban environments. From inclusive public spaces and new mobility systems, to integrated infrastructure, enhanced biodiversity, climate adaptation and mitigation - the urban scale is where consequential change can really take its form.

With empathy, curiosity, and a commitment to socially just transitions, we’re embracing the complex challenges our cities face to create meaningful places for individuals and communities.

We offer visioning and concept design, integrated planning services, process design, community engagement, stakeholder facilitation, programming and activation scenarios. These alongside tailored strategies within identity and place-making, urban transformation, micro-climate, urban acoustics, mobility, and resilience. 

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Signe Kongebro

Global Design Director, Urbanism, Partner

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Team Lead, Urbanism


Resilient societies and livability

Thriving communities today and tomorrow

Designing in response to environmental and social challenges, we look broadly at our built environments as significant sites of potential and change.


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