• Lighting design for focused students

    Lighting changes the way we learn. A diverse use of light and color, combined with a varied inflow of daylight, have a great impact on how time and space are perceived by the users of a building.

    • Impact
      • More calm students
      • 15% better on math tests
      • 35% reduction in electricity
      • 8dB(a) noise reduction
    • Partners
      • Aarhus Municipality, KADK, DTU, Aarhus University, Fagerhult, Danish Centre for Education Environment, DCUM, Elforsk
    • Client
      • Frederiksbjerg Skole, Aarhus Municipality
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  • Frederiksbjerg School is one of the first schools designed to meet the requirements of the National Danish Reform of Public Schools, implemented in 2014, stating that children should get more exercise during the school day. 

    In line with the educational environment reform and redesign, an Industrial Ph.D. explored the school's impact on the performativity of the student by examining how artificial light can impact concentration and focus.

  • Guided by research and stakeholder involvement, Henning Larsen continued our client partnership with the Aarhus Municipality and the newly constructed Frederiksbjerg School by staging a design intervention by installing pen-skirt lamps in four different classrooms to create layered and distributed learning environments. Researchers sought to quantify concentration and focus of students through noise and movement metrics.

    Through observational and technical data collection the study illustrated that in 75% of measured learning situations there was a measure noise reduction of 1-6 decibels. With 1 decibel is audible to the human ear while 6 decibels is a very marked change.

    "In all our measurements we have seen a marked decrease in student noise levels. This particularly benefits the students who have the most difficulty concentrating," says Ph.D. researcher Imke Wies van Mil.

    "It is important for us to give children and their teachers an opportunity to change their lighting according to preferences and what learning situation they will create. These results confirm that there is a good reason to look at solutions for artificial light other than the industrial ceiling solution we often see. Diversity in artificial light is as important as diversity in daylight, and artificial light also has a lot to offer indoor climate if we use it correctly," she explains.

    On the basis of this collaboration, the Frederiksbjerg School decided to make the pendant lighting permanent and expand them to more of the school’s classrooms. An added benefit of the lighting intervention is that energy savings exhibited by the pendulum when is use can be tracked to be as high as 64% compared to the normal lighting environment.

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