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    • 25 June 2021

      We are adding a rooftop park to beloved Aarhus institution

      In 2022, residents and visitors to Aarhus will be able to enjoy a new green destination away from the bustle of the city center below. Located on the pedestrianized shopping street Strøget, Salling will expand their popular urban garden atop the 6-floor department store. Salling Rooftop will offer a lush park that invites even more visitors to come play, relax, or eat lunch with a panoramic view of the city.

    • Access to the rooftop is free and open to the public and more than 3.5 million people have already visited Salling Rooftop since it’s opening in 2017-- ten times the total number of residents in the city of Aarhus. The expansion of the rooftop comes as a welcome addition to one of Aarhus most popular attractions, adding a total of 1,400 m2 green public space to the city center. Where the existing 2.000 m2 rooftop offers a café with outdoor seating, events, and live music, the new park will offer a more tranquil space in the middle of the city.

      The Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard says of the project: “With Salling Roof Garden, Aarhus will get a breathing space in more than one sense. The location in the middle of the city offers visitors and citizens a break away from the bustling streets while also supporting the green transition of Aarhus to become a climate friendly metropolis.”

      The rooftop garden includes lush green vegetation and a biophilic wall draping down the façade of the department store. Salling Rooftop also offer footbridges connecting different levels of the park, glass walls and floors with views into the department store, and a panorama platform offering a view of the entire city.

      The Salling Rooftop exemplifies how we can bring more green spaces into already dense urban spaces by utilizing the often forgotten “fifth façade” of buildings. The rooftop is the latest Henning Larsen project in the region to integrate public green spaces, including the walkable green roof of the nearby Moesgaard Museum, as well as the designs for the upcoming Sundby School and Aarhus ReWater wastewater treatment plant.

      The project is funded by the Salling Foundations and is set to open for the public in the summer of 2022, with construction slated to begin later this year.