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    • 22 December 2021

      Year in Review – Highlights from 2021

      With lockdowns and restrictions persisting into 2021, the meaning of ‘an arm’s length’ has become more literal than symbolic. And yet despite the challenges we’ve all faced, 2021 offered immense opportunity to stand stronger than ever on our commitment to deliver innovative and sustainable projects that insist on curiosity and a human-scale regardless of their context and climate.

    • With 2022 now fast approaching, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the year that has passed, highlighting some of the projects, moments, and ideas that made this past year special.   

      We Celebrated on Home Turf

      With the win of the Højvangen Church in Skanderborg, we have the opportunity to contribute to Denmark’s rich history of modern churches. The first church to be built in its parish in over 500 years, Højvangen Church will be a new public gathering point in the growing residential area in Skanderborg, Denmark.

      Marmormolen – or, the Melting Pot – is set to become one of the largest contemporary wood structures in Denmark at completion. The project combines office, retail, and public program on the popular Nordhavn waterfront and features a welcoming green plaza, lush rooftop gardens, promenades and a waterfront park.

      Finally, 'Nordø' (Norhern Island) also located on Nordhavn, offered us the opportunity to leave our mark on the urban footprint of Copenhagen’s fastest growing neighborhood.

      • Højvangen Church in Skanderborg, Denmark

      • Nordø residential development in Nordhavn, Copenhagen

    • Projects Opened Even when the World was Shut

      From Copenhagen to Uppsala over Hong Kong and Oslo, we celebrated the opening of completed projects.

      The new headquarters for KAB – nicknamed ‘The ‘Home for Housing’ – opened in Copenhagen, its warm wood and homey interiors setting a cozy standard for future workplaces. Also in Copenhagen, an almost decade-long construction phase finalized at the New Herlev Hospital with an inauguration ceremony attended by the Crown Princess of Denmark.

      In Oslo, the largest single university building in Norway welcomed students, teachers and researchers at Campus Ås. Here, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, and a state biomedical research facility gather under one roof. The most technically advanced state project in Norway’s university sector reflects a ten-year collaborative design dialogue.

      Across the world, the Shaw Auditorium at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology opened its doors, combining a highly flexible, acoustically sophisticated auditorium with bright, generous social spaces.

      And just weeks ago, an inauguration ceremony marked the (re)opening of Uppsala City Hall following a comprehensive transformation and refurbishment, including 13,500 m2 new built.

      • Shaw Auditorium at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

      • Campus Ås in Oslo, Norway

    • We Lit up the London Design Festival

      After a year of cancellations, certain events came back in 2021 – including the London Design Festival. In collaboration with Velux and AKQA, we designed an installation for the event. The timber-clad installation, situated on London’s South Bank, was a moment of calm in the bustling city, offering visitors a space of light, air, and quiet.  

      • The Cube at London Design Festival 2021

      • The Cube at London Design Festival 2021

    • People and Place Came Together 

      Communities thrive when they have places to come together, and in the past year we’ve revealed a number of urban visions. Chief among them is Downsview, a framework vision for an area north of Toronto nearly the same size as the city’s downtown. "After a year of Zoom-meeting consultations, the vision that emerged is hugely ambitious, highly innovative and just as exciting," wrote architecture critic Alex Bozikovic in his review of Downsview for the Toronto Globe and Mail. Key to the project’s success is its focus on people and nature. Over 1/5 of the 500 acre project site will be dedicated to public park and nature space - a both/and approach to urbanism that weaves landscape and nature together with architecture.

      • Downsview masterplan in Toronto, Canada

    • Nature Won in 2021

      The city/nature approach that makes Downsview is also at work in our Vejlands Quarter project – and was recently recognized as ‘World Changing Idea’ in urbanism in FastCompany’s annual awards program. The project, currently in planning, “… looks the way the future will look—green, humanist, sustainable, and accessible."

      Green dreams were also recognized close to home – Remiseparken was named the winner of the anniversary edition of the Danish Landscape Prize. The transformation of Remiseparken is part of a major urban regeneration of the social housing neighborhood of Urbanplanen in Copenhagen.

      • Remiseparken in Copenhagen, Denmark, done in collaboration with BOGL and Ramboll.

      • Our vision for Fælledby in Copenhagen, Denmark

    • And We had Fun with New Tools 

      We welcomed the SandWorm at our Copenhagen studio; combining intuitive traditional modeling techniques in sand with cutting-edge simulations from the computational design world.

      The SandWorm allows us to form an early landscape design in sand and convert it to a 3D model, giving landscape architects and designers a new tool for community involvement and early-stage design and ideation.

      This is one of many great initiatives between Henning Larsen and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl.