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    • Havnebryggen

      Havnebryggen is a new urban district with identity, social cohesion and life between the houses on Islands Brygge. The landscape design creates a striking contrast to its background of simple brick architecture, with diverse colors and materials from the variation in plants, hardscapes, and outdoor seating.

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  • On a sunny, windless day, the park at Islands Brygge is a favorite spot for many Copenhageners. When it is windy, the park is deserted - the same goes for balconies and terraces. Our vision for the development of Islands Brygge Syd was therefore to create the basis for a cohesive urban district with good outdoor spaces and lots of life between the houses - regardless of the weather.

    We have developed a design manual for Pension Danmark in connection with the establishment of the new district in Copenhagen, Havnebryggen, where they own five large plots. The design manual includes both the architecture as well as the landscapes and hardscapes in the courtyards and plazas between buildings. 

    The design manual's focus is on the connection between Pension Danmark's large plots - as a combined area with a completely unique location, but also contains very large scale jumps from plot to plot. The principles stated in the design manual are coordinated in relation to the premises of the local plan.

  • Castor

    Castor is being built directly on the waterfront, facing the sun and the attractive views. The reflection of the sun in the water creates an extraordinary light in the homes.

    The project utilizes the traditional qualities of the Copenhagen harbor squares, including with a protected green courtyard that strengthens the community in the square and provides a valuable urban space.
    The design of Castor has been made with a natural starting point in the potential of the place and the harbor in the design of both the buildings and the modern urban housing. Castor is being built in line with the sister building Pollux, which is also a new building by PensionDanmark. It is built on 4 floors with roof terraces and is built in red bricks, which ensures a relationship to Islands Brygge's older buildings in the area.

  • Pollux

    Located just around the corner from a small beach cove off the Copenhagen harbor, Pollux offers some of the finest waterfront living in Copenhagen. The building is located in the middle of an urban city life on Islands Brygge, green areas on Amager Fælled and proximity to the water. In front of the building runs a harbor promenade that connects Pollux with the more urban part of Islands Brygge to the north and the sandy beach and Nokken to the south.

    The facade is made of recycled brick, which makes the building's expression beautiful and vibrant. The building is shaped like a square with the breakthrough towards the water with good opportunities to stay and look at the harbor.

  • Polaris

    The view and the proximity to the water and nature make the residential area on the southern edge of Islands Brygge a special place in the city. But the potential of the place is also its biggest challenge.

    Inside, the apartments are designed with a focus on flexibility, allowing residents to adapt and design their space to suit their individual needs. With balconies and large windows in every apartment, there is never a shortage of light - even on dark winter days. 

    The first of a total of five plots in the new residential area extends over an area of ​​14,600 m² with an associated courtyard, raised on a plinth that welcomes passers-by. The plinth steps down towards the promenade and forms seating niches, from which the life of the harbor can be observed.